Welcome to Pizzas are us!

At Chessybite, we live to deliver the best pizzas- just the way you like!

Started some 15 years ago, Cheesybite is a pizzeria where taste and satisfaction are served in pizza boxes. Offering scrumptious pizza range to the pizza lovers in Melbourne, we grew better, understanding our customer’s desires for freshly baked, soft yet crunchy, and cheesy pizzas. While our pizzas are exemplary, the delectable kebabs work as the icing on the cake.

If there is one restaurant in Melbourne that offers you the best taste and uncompromised quality of food, it is Cheesybite!

The Best Pizza Place in Melbourne

Chessybite is a perfect place to order pizzas. We indulge in all sorts of pizza flavours and offer you non-spicy, spicy, or super-hot pizzas. You name it and we have it freshly baked- especially for you!

All our pizzas are handmade and baked in high-tech electric ovens to amplify the taste and offer you the crunchiness you love. However, we do not overdo the pizzas and maintain a distinct softness in every slice to offer you the best of the two worlds.

Choose your toppings, and type of base, and leave it to us to make the most scrumptious, fresh, and satisfying pizzas.

Kebabs for All

Cheesybite is also the most popular kebab shop in Melbourne. We make Kebabs using 100% halal meat and offer you a peaceful time relishing your favourite delicacy. We have worked extensively on our menus and have included delicacies that are healthy, tasty, and filling. Our Halal Snack Packs are a big hit as they offer you a complete meal for any time of the day.

Get Satiated @ Cheesybite

Chessybite has always worked to be your favourite food place to go. We offer you the best quality of food and taste that you will never forget. Our team of chefs has experience in baking the best pizzas along with kebabs, wraps, and finger foods of all sorts.

Right from marinating the chicken to enhance the taste to kneading the dough and making the finest of pizzas, we keep our love for you pouring and make the pizzas even more delicious.